Chapter 3 - Not Forgotten

Jack Charles, the famous aboriginal actor and ex-cat burglar – I'm a fan! Not of his cat burgling! Of his acting and his commitment to mentoring within this community – anyway, he just commented on my Facebook post with two simple, grand words: 'Global songlines'.  

I am stopped in grinning wonder; while the comments just keep on streaming:

JH – Too many people have forgotten that Songlines exist and that we all    
    share the same planet for life.

EC – Truganini in Norway. Wow!

KLH – Deadly


MG – Wow, how amazing! As she was. :)

CJ – Would love to know the full story of how she came to be painted all that way away

NM – thats my nan

BG – Nordic aunty Trugganinni ...... :)

NHM – well you have taught me something. I only new 'Trugunnini' as a township over Werribbee way, thanks for putting a face to the name :)

RW – In Burketown, on the Gulf of Carpentaria, the town wharf at the turn of the 20th century had the name Truganini Landing. Last time I checked it was unknown how it got the name.

PH – yah. found out about her from midnight oil! that's so crazy random!

SS – You made me look her up. God, what a horrible story of brutal imperialism.

CS – Truganini. Sad.

MJ – Hope when this goes to public they educate every one on real history

TSL – Interesting. They have top lip wrong and one eye wrong. So it lacks the piercing gravity of the original photo that stares back at us across time from the horror of the Tasmania black wars.

TB – Not forgotten.

RB – The  most poignant thing about this image has always been the juxtaposition of that beautiful maireener necklace and the sackcloth dress. And that the age of modern photography had arrived in Tasmania before the genocide was over.

MB – Truganini story swells my eyes with tears every time

GG – So Truganini has conquered time and space


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