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Chapter 11 - Firstness, Foundness and Rebirth

A few months after my Norway trip I was running a poetry workshop in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. It was a grade 3 class in a rather multi-cultural school. I had this strange little conversation with one chatty boy:

"Where you from?" he asked.

"From the hills." I say.

He looked confused.

Clarifying, I say, "I live up in The Dandenongs."

"No," he says "where you originally from?"

"Oh, well, originally from Tassie, but I lived in Sydney for a while."

"No." he says more insistently, "like, I'm from Egypt,"
and pointing to a friend, "he's from Ethiopia. Where you from?"

"Aaah" I say dumbly... "I'm just Aussie."

"What?" he says, and gives me a strange look.

"I suppose" I go on, "most of my ancestry goes back to England and places in Europe."

"Oh, that's weird." he says.

And it is weird.

Here I am, feeling so Australian,…