Chapter 8 - Getting closer! So close!

Leads – part 2.

At the party, over chocolate cheesecake, Michael says:

Sure, send me what you've got and I'll pass it onto my contacts – and we'll see what happens!

Over the next week I pull all my photos and research together and write a brief account of the story so far. Then I send it all to friendly, helpful Michael.

Friendly, helpful Michael gets back to me quickly.

Friendly, helpful Michael has done a Google image search and has found the Truganini mural on a Bergen street art website that I didn't find in my searches. Damn, what else have I missed?

And he found that gallery – USF – that runs the AiR program, and he's so friendly and helpful, he's already emailed them, and they've already got back to him, specifically suggesting the website Mot Veggen as the best lead to follow.

Yeah, I think, well I didn't actually contact whoever runs that site – I'd better do that!

So, back to Mot Veggen, and I'm feeling optimistic! More optimistic than I have in any part of the process – I might actually find the artist! That's IF they want to be found. Because there is a chance, if it's genuine street art, and not commissioned mural, the artist may never want to be found, or named.

The Mot Veggen website is a few years old and doesn't seem currently active, but there is a contact page – so I send a short message through their online form.

But I also find the name of the guy who set the site up – Walter Wehus. I Google him. He's written a book about street art in Bergen! I find his personal website. I find his email. I email him with the whole story, including photos.

And later that day: 
I think I have a lead on this. 
Give me a couple of days :)
– Walter

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! 
I'm excited!
– Cam
The next day:
I’ve spoken to Air and forwarded your email to her.
Let me know how things pan out.
I think it’s exciting as well;
I used to live just up the hill from this piece.
– Walter

And then...


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